Find your why with Y2B Fit.

A holistic approach to health and wellness.

Our Mission

Empowering our clients to enjoy their unique wellness journey so they can achieve long lasting health

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Our Values

Feedback over Failure

Goals are never guaranteed – but not hitting your goals is not the same as failing. We value feedback over failure as a way to embrace the discomfort of not reaching your goals, reflect on the conditions that lead to setbacks, and learn how to adjust and move forward based on that feedback.

Goals are great, but when the goal is a long and healthy life, the process needs to be as enjoyable as possible. We work with our clients to set and achieve goals in a realistic way that takes life into consideration. There will be setbacks and victories along the way, and we encourage our clients to take the time to enjoy every step of the process – not just race towards the end goal.
We embrace a lighthearted approach to fitness because we want this to be fun. We want our clients to come back each day or week excited to face new challenges and reach their goals – not tired of running away from the things they don’t like about themselves.

We understand that health and fitness are just a part of our clients’ lives, and that sometimes health and fitness need to take a backseat to the other parts of life. We embrace compassion to support our clients when they fall off the wagon, and encourage them to develop a solution that helps them move forward without feeling guilty about falling behind.

Wellness is a unique blend of diet, exercise, and rest – and that blend is different for everyone. When we value a holistic approach to health and wellness, we are committed to helping each of our clients embrace the blend that works best for them and understand that this might not look the same every day.

Our Founders

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Crystal W.

Beginning as a side hustle teaching yoga and barre, Crystal has been working with clients to reclaim their fitness identity without rules or restrictions since 2008. With advanced degrees in Exercise Science and Counseling Psychology, certifications from NASM and The Yoga Alliance (among others), Crystal combines her education and experience to support clients in all stages of life and fitness to become their best selves on the inside and out.

In addition to her lifestyle clients, Crystal specializes in supporting postpartum people as they heal their body image and grow to love their bodies for all they can do. You can catch Crystal leading classes for Y2B On Demand and in the studio.

Greg W.

When it comes to fitness and wellness, Greg fully believes that the journey needs to be as enjoyable as the end goal. He prides himself in a conversational coaching approach that helps him work with clients to develop movement and nutrition practices that are in line with their values, aspirations, and lifestyle.

Greg is driven by a passion for building people up to become better connected with themselves, and nothing brings him more joy than seeing his clients become consistent (and have fun!) in their movement and nutrition practices. You can work with Greg 1:1, in Semi-Private Training, or in small group classes at the Y2B Fit Studio.

man smiling in fitness studio
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