Household Substitutes for Common Fitness Props

by | Jun 30, 2020

So, by now, you’ve probably gotten some experience with online workouts due to COVID-19 (or maybe you found that you prefer to workout at home). Either way, you might’ve also noticed that fitness equipment can be expensive—especially in the midst of a pandemic when everyone is working out from home.

Enter—common household items you can easily use as fitness equipment. I guarantee you’ve got some of these items sitting around the house.


Light weights (2-3 lb): soup cans, water bottles, or wine bottles

Pilates ball: pillow, rolled up bath towel, roll of paper towels

Resistance band: hand towel (for shoulder resistance/pulling type moves), pair of old tights or leggings, neck tie, belt

Sliding disks: paper plates, hand towels, blanket, furniture sliders, paper towels

Double-loop tubing: pair of old tights or leggings 

Barre: chair, wall, back of a couch

Yoga Block: stack of pillows, box, roll of paper towels, stool – if you’re using two, just make sure they’re the same height

Yoga Strap: neck tie, belt

Mat: bath towel, blanket


If you’re interested in purchasing your own equipment, check out the following highly recommended items:

BootyKicker Barre (right now they’re giving away a free Pilates Ball with your purchase!) – this is seriously the best portable barre I’ve tried so far. It easily folds up for storage. And, bonus, if you add some weights (or other household items) to the front, you can do chair and water-skier!

Manduka Yoga Mat – say goodbye to slipping with this super grippy mat!

Manduka Home Studio Bundle this bundle comes with a mat, strap, blocks, and some mat cleaner spray.


Did I miss anything you’ve used as a prop substitute? Is there another common piece of fitness equipment you need a substitute for? Shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to help you get set up for home workout success.


Time to go get your home fitness on. 🙂