How to Easily Eat More Veggies at Every Meal

by | Mar 21, 2021

Sneaky Ways to Eat More Veggies

We all know that eating more plants is rule number one for “eating better.” But what if you are a veggie-phobe? Eating four servings of vegetables a day can be crazy challenging if you’re a grab and go eater, a poor planner, or deathly afraid of all things green.

Even when you know you need to incorporate more vegetables into your eating plan, it’s easy to look at the clock at dinner and realize not one bite of nature’s bounty has passed your lips all day.


So how do you get more vegetables into your daily intake?

I recommend Stealth Veggies. 

Sneak them into every meal and snack. If you just keep tucking a little something green in at every meal, you’ll find that you’ve eaten your quota without even thinking about it.

Truly, vegetables are a gift from the gods when it comes to feeling satisfied. They bulk up your meals and add minimal calories. They add flavor, texture, and fiber and you know what that means.

Not only do they fill you up, they help you empty out—both of which are essential to supercharging your healthy eating plan.


But enough cheerleading for vegetation—how do you sneak veggies into every meal?



Crustless veggie quiches are a portable veggie packed protein.

Make a sweet potato veggie hash and top it with a poached egg.

Egg white, veggie frittatas are pretty and fiercely healthy.

Grate zucchini into your oatmeal as you cook it, seriously, you won’t even notice it.

Try pumpkin pancakes!

Better yet, grab whatever veggies are in your fridge and add them to scrambled eggs. Easy peasy!



Bulk up your soup with spinach, broccoli, zucchini, or green beans.

Load that pita pocket with cucumbers, tomatoes, and mixed greens.

Quesadillas are a great place to tuck peppers, onions, spinach, and kale.

Mac and Cheese LOVES cauliflower and broccoli.



Smoothies! Grated carrots and leafy greens co-exist perfectly with fruity friends.

Cucumber slices and carrot chips sub beautifully for crackers and chips. Dip away!

Zucchini, carrots, and avocados make tasty veggie “fries.”



Boost your chili with chunks of sweet potato, carrots, or butternut squash.

Pack your pasta sauce with mushrooms, onions, spinach, and zucchini.

Pile your pizza with veggies, it’s the perfect vehicle for greens, mushrooms, and all things vegetable

Add pureed pumpkin or cauliflower to anything creamy.

Grate up zucchini or summer squash and hide it in any casserole for undetectable roughage.

Zoodles and Voodles! Use a spiralizer on zucchini or squash, or try baked spaghetti squash.



Chocolate hides everything!

Avocados hide out well in puddings.

Cookie dough can handle a carrot or sweet potato puree.


Basically, chop, mince, and mash your veggies and add them to everything! Most vegetables are chameleon-like and will take on the dominant flavors around them. So cook them up in broths and sauces and use them to bulk up the size of your meals.

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