How to Stock Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

by | Mar 14, 2021

Top 5 Tips to Stock Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

I have a rule in my house: I can eat two hershey kisses a day. If I eat more than two a day for more than two days, I have to throw away every single hershey kiss. So when I want a third one, I ask myself: “Is eating a bag of hershey kisses right now worth not having any more, ever?” Yes, it takes discipline, but the reward is a nice little sweet treat I can thoroughly enjoy every single day.

Here’s what I know for sure: if the unhealthy food is there, you’re going to eat it. Once the bag of chips is open, it can become a single “serving,” so you need to stock your kitchen for successful healthy eating right from the start.


  1. Have Healthy Snacks Easily Available

When you are craving a salty/crunchy snack, try pistachios instead of chips. And get them in their shells. Studies have shown that when people eat pistachios from the shells, they eat 20% fewer nuts because the time it takes to get them out of the shell occupies your mind and the empty shells are a reminder of how many you’ve eaten. When it comes to nuts, watch the serving size! 

Have frozen chicken breasts available in individual bags. Cook a bunch of healthy meals, eat one and freeze the rest. Try this magic trick: pre-cooked quinoa, Rao’s organic sauce, chicken (or a plant-based option), and vegetables. It’s so fast and it’s so easy.

Make it easy to make good meals so you won’t be tempted to order pizza.


  1. Spice It Up and Get Intimate with HERB

Herbs and spices add a pop of flavor to ordinary foods and yet we are conditioned to stick with plain ol’ salt and pepper. Did you know that cinnamon is a superfood? Put a shake or two in your coffee! Cayenne pepper packs a flavor punch and may speed up metabolism.

Try fresh basil on just about everything. (Buy the plant, they end up being less expensive… yes, even if you accidentally kill it after a few uses. Guilty!) Another trick to try: Infuse water with lemon, cucumber and basil. Delicious. Rosemary adds a ton of flavor to just about anything, and don’t underestimate the power of fresh lime juice. It’s wonderful. Experiment and find the herbs and naturally flavors you love best.


  1. Your Freezer Wants More than Vodka and Ice Cream

Not that vodka and ice cream doesn’t have their place, but make room for healthy choices in your freezer. Have frozen fruits available for when you want to make a smoothie.

Amy’s Organic Light is now widely available and has many choices for easy healthy meals. 


  1. Entice Yourself – the Healthy Way

Pretend you work for a food magazine and style food even when you’re eating alone. Buy yourself some pretty plates, cups and placemats to make the setting feel welcoming! I love purchasing beautiful fruits and vegetables to display in my kitchen and eating area as if I’m going to a photo shoot; it makes me want to eat them.

You’re more likely to eat healthy snacks if that’s what you see in your living space. Set yourself up for success. If you live with other people, push their unhealthy foods to the back of the fridge. Put something healthy in front – even if it’s just bottled water. Just making it slightly more difficult to see the foods you don’t want to eat will help you. 


  1. Buy Yourself Quality Kitchen Essentials

My current three favorites are:

  1. Soehnle Food Scale. This one has a removable glass top that goes into the dishwasher, so you can feel comfortable using it to weigh raw meat.
  2. Vitamix. Hands down, this is my blender of choice to blend fruits and vegetables.
  3. Pressure Cooker. I can’t believe how much we love using our pressure cooker! We even use ours to make cat food.


And, that’s how we stock our healthy kitchen!

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