Not your Typical Prenatal or Mommy + Me Classes

by | Nov 16, 2016

The biggest objection I always hear from new and expecting moms is that many prenatal and mommy + me classes are just too easy.   They just don’t feel like they get an effective workout from them, which is why they go a few times and then stop to either workout at home or figure out a way to go to class sans baby.

Mommies, I hear ya! Honestly, I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant and newly postnatal too. I used to hate it when someone would imply (not just fitness-related) that I couldn’t do something that I used to do just because I was pregnant or had a newborn baby. It was so frustrating because I just wanted to feel like myself again after giving birth and there was so much working against that. Learning to be a mom is hard work and while some of it is instinctual, there’s a lot that doesn’t always come naturally. Especially, when you have your children later in life and you’re used to your independence! As a new mom, it just seems like there’s little time for yourself…I mean, seriously, how many showers did you get in those first few months?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son more than anything and looking back two years later, I’d gladly give up those showers again just to enjoy those newborn cuddles. But in the moment, I needed something that was for me.   I needed my workout to be for me.   I needed to feel like I was being challenged and growing stronger, my workout had to be more than playing + spending time with my baby. I loved playing with my son and I spent most of my time doing that…just about 23/24 hours of my day were dedicated to caring for my son. But, my workout hour needed to be for me. It was the time during my day where I could be reminded that I was still a person with individual needs and that that was ok.

I went to a few mommy + me fitness classes after my son was born and just like many others, I decided that I’d rather workout at home or find a time for class that was just for me. The other issue was they were usually only offered once a week and I definitely wanted to workout more than that. This was when I started doing my home barre workouts with my son in his carrier. It was amazing; he enjoyed cuddles and usually fell asleep while I got in my whole barre workout with the added resistance of holding him. Win, win!

There are definitely some exercises you should avoid while pregnant and during the postnatal period. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be challenged to rebuild your endurance and strength. There are so many benefits to attending a class that is specific to your pre/postnatal needs. Exercise has been shown to reduce rates of depression + anxiety, ease stress + fatigue, and boost confidence. Not only do you know the exercises will be specific to rebuilding the postnatal core and pelvic floor, but you’ll also get to spend time and connect with other new moms. It’s such an awesome feeling to get to know others that are going through the exact same thing as you. There’s definitely strength in numbers!

When I envisioned Y2B Fit, I wanted it to be a place where new moms could get a great postnatal workout without the need for childcare. That’s why I’m dedicated to offering mommy + me classes 3 times per week at the studio and 24/7 online. If you want to bring your baby to a fitness class for you where you’ll feel challenged, empowered, and supported both physically + emotionally while surrounded by other new moms, then BYO Baby Barre is your class.

Currently, offered at Y2B Fit in Philadelphia, PA, this class will be popping up in a city near your and online very soon!

If you live in Philly, come give it a try and let me know what you think. If you’re interested in knowing where BYO Baby Barre will be next or you’d like to offer the class at your studio, please email me.