Starting Your Postnatal Fitness Regimen

by | Oct 15, 2015

Losing that postnatal weight can be one of our biggest challenges as moms. At Y2B Fit, we definitely believe that anyone can get back to their pre-pregnancy self with the right nutrition, exercise, and attitude. We have the background and experience in postnatal fitness to help you lose those pounds brought on by pregnancy. It may seem hard at first but you will adapt and your body will adjust. Oftentimes, we will share a question from one of our loyal readers so that our entire readership can benefit from it.

Dear Postnatal Fitness Trainer,

My husband and I just had our first baby, a boy, Aaron. We are so proud and full of hope and anticipation! I’m feeling good and wanting to get back out there and resume exercising. I usually run about 3 miles 3 – 4 times per week. Do I have to wait until my postpartum appointment to start doing light exercises? I am interested in learning yoga and barre as a part of my exercise regimen. Thank you for taking my question.


Ready To Run in Philadelphia

Dear Ready to Run,

Whenever a new mom is starting to feel good about it, slowly resuming exercise is generally acceptable according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). With that said, your obstetrician is really the best person to ask in terms of when you can resume exercising because they are familiar with how your delivery went and what is a reasonable pace for you to get back on a routine. You want to be careful not to over do it on your abdominal muscles, especially for women who developed diastasis recti, which is a gap in the abdominal muscles. This gap can take 1-2 months to close for most women. Either way, when you are cleared, Y2B Fit will have a private, online, or weekly class that is ideal for your stamina and skill level.

We are looking forward to meeting you and getting you on a postnatal exercise schedule that fits your needs.


Y2B Fit