Top Tips to Stay Active as a New Parent

by | May 18, 2024

We know that jumping into the world of diapers, late-night feedings, and sweet baby cuddles can mean your usual workout routine takes a back seat. But, we believe that staying active as a new parent doesn’t have to be a distant dream (in fact, we’re parents too). It’s all about getting creative and fitting fitness into your new family life. Here’s how you can keep moving and feel great, even with a little one in tow.

Schedule It In

New parents quickly learn that babies love routines – and guess what? So does fitness! Try to set a schedule for your workouts as you would for any other important part of your day. Whether it’s a morning yoga session or an evening walk, having it on your calendar makes it more likely to happen. And hey, it’s okay if it’s just 10 minutes to start. Every small step counts!

Home Workouts

Getting to the gym might not be as easy these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your living room into a mini fitness studio. Y2B Fit offers virtual workouts, including our Core Restore designed specifically for new moms, that you can stream during naptime or even while wearing your baby. Plus, using bodyweight exercises or simple equipment like resistance bands means you don’t need a lot of space or gear to get started.

Go for Walks 

Taking a brisk walk with your baby in the stroller is a fantastic way to stay active. You’ll get fresh air, and your baby will enjoy the change of scenery. Investing in a good jogging stroller can make all the difference. Plus, it’s a chance to explore your neighborhood or find nearby parks and trails.

Involve Your Partner or Friends

Staying active can be more fun and achievable when you’re not doing it alone. Partner up with your spouse, friend, or a fellow parent to keep each other motivated. You could take turns watching the baby while the other exercises, or even work out together with the baby tagging along.

Keep It Fun and Flexible

The key to staying active as a new parent is to keep things fun and flexible. If you miss a scheduled workout, don’t stress. Dance around the living room with your baby, do some squats while holding them, or just stretch out those tired muscles.

Get the Right Gear

Having the right gear can make fitness more doable. A baby carrier can turn a walk into a weight-bearing exercise for you, and there are even special classes like our BYO Baby Barre where you can workout with your baby in a carrier. Sometimes, the right pair of shoes or a comfortable workout outfit can also be just the motivation you need.

Remember, Something Is Better Than Nothing

On those days when it feels impossible to fit in a workout, remember that it’s okay to scale back. Even a bit of stretching during a quiet moment or some leg lifts while you’re feeding can contribute to your fitness goals. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Last but not least, be kind to yourself. You’re doing an amazing job taking care of a tiny human, and that in itself requires energy and strength. Be proud of any activity you manage to do and know that it’s contributing to your well-being, making you an even better parent.
Staying active as a new parent is about blending fitness with your new lifestyle, not about sticking to what worked before the baby came along. With a mix of creativity, flexibility, and a positive outlook, you can build a fitness routine that energizes you and adds joy to your family life.

Remember, at Y2B Fit, we’re cheering you on every step of the way. Contact us online or give us a call at 267-710-7192 to schedule a complimentary session to experience our community, meet our dedicated trainers, and find the perfect fit for your fitness needs.