Yoga for Beginners: Tips for Getting Comfortable

by | Dec 22, 2015

So you’ve recently thought about wanting to try Yoga. You see the beautiful bodies of yogis and fitness practitioners and long to have what they do, but there’s something holding you back from starting. For many beginners there is a fear of the unknown, and in this case that would be how to practice yoga. Well fear not, everyone was once a beginner in the practice of Yoga but only got better by trying. Here are some tips for getting comfortable with Yoga.


Tip: Forget the fear

Apart of trying something new is facing your fear of the unknown. Yoga is a peaceful practice and many yogis are ready and willing to share their love of it. Beginners Yoga is tailored to easing you into the practice. When first starting yoga place your focus on the movement rather than the fear. Harness that energy and direct it into the positive movement that is Yoga.

Tip: Wear Comfortable Clothes

While choosing the correct attire isn’t the most important aspect of yoga, it is helpful to have tight fitting clothes that will move with your body as you stretch bend and fold. Tight fitting pants and shirts are the most effective for beginner yoga. If you have long hair be sure to wear a headband made to stay in place as well. With the right clothes, yoga for beginners will be that much easier to learn because you’ll have be able to focus on your movement rather than adjusting your clothes.


Tip: Do it at home

If going to a studio where everyone in the class is skilled at Yoga sounds intimidating, you’re not alone. Trying new things can make you feel out of place. And there’s no place like your own home to learn something new. Beginners Yoga at home is a great way to focus on your own progression and form, rather than the people around you. Yoga is not about comparing yourself to others skill; it’s about creating a strong connection with your body and mind. There’s no place like home to release your inhibitions and start your journey through vinyasa


Tip: Practice with someone who skilled at Yoga.

Another great option for beginners is to ask someone to teach you while you teach yourself. You could ask a friend to join you, or a better yet is hire a private yoga instructor. It’s great because you not only get a certified teacher, but you can do it in the confines of your own home. With the opportunity to have a private yoga instructor come to your home there’s really no reason not to get started.


Tip: Get the right tools

While Yoga for beginners is mostly about understanding the poses and how your body moves through them, there are times during your practice where you may need some tools. One vital tool for beginner yoga is a mat. There are many options out there for you but I would recommend a double thick yoga mat for extra cushion. I also recommend getting a yoga block, and a yoga strap, both tools can be used at one point during your private yoga instruction practice.
Yoga requires nothing but a dedication to creating a connection between your mind, body, and soul. Dedicate yourself to beginners yoga by working with a private yoga instructor and using these tips.